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Coconut Shampoo

Coconut Shampoo

What is Coconut Shampoo?

Coconut shampoo and conditioner are shampoos that use coconut based ingredients as one of its base ingredients. There are a range of coconut shampoo products which may use coconut oil, coconut milk or coconut water. While there are many varieties of coconut oil shampoo and coconut shampoo available, many are manufactured using harsh and potentially harmful chemicals. Choosing an organic coconut shampoo will deliver all the benefits that coconut offers without subjecting you to the dangers that many commercial products do.

Which is Better: Coconut Oil Shampoo or Coconut Milk Shampoo?

All naturally made coconut based shampoos are going to offer plenty of nourishment to your hair. Which one is better will depend largely on what type of hair you have and what condition it is in. Coconut oil is particularly useful in treating dandruff Whereas coconut milk is gentler on the hair and is particularly beneficial for curly hair. 

Benefits of using coconut shampoo and conditioner

While helping to keep your hair fresh and clean, organic coconut shampoos also have many other benefits. These include

  • Detangles hair by eliminating frizz and making hair more manageable. Keeping hair free from tangles will help to prevent hair damage and split ends. 

  • Nourishes and restores damaged hair. Coconut oil or milk contained in shampoos and conditioners can penetrate deep into hair roots and help with hair regeneration. This is particularly helpful for hair that may have been damaged by frequent coloring and styling.

  • Dry hair moisturiser

  • Contains lauric acid and medium chain fatty that have been associated with stimulating hair regrowth.

  • Strengthens hair as it contains Vitamins K and E which are beneficial to hair follicle health. 

  • Restores your hair’s natural glow

  • Has antifungal properties which help to eliminate dandruff and ease general scalp itchiness.

  • Natural coconut oils help to protect hair from the sun damage.

  • Softly scents the hair with a pleasing fragrance. 

Where to buy Organic Coconut Shampoo in Australia

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