Coffee For Plunger 1kgr By Montville Coffee

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Montville Coffee are very aware of how their decisions can impact the individuals and communities that they are engaged with. Having established themselves in Queensland as the first organic coffee roaster, their operating principle is to create high-quality products in a manner that is friendly for both the consumer and the environment. Committed to reducing their carbon footprint, you can rest assured as a environmentally-conscious consumer that purchasing from Montville Coffee is a vote for the environment.

Sunshine Coast Blend Coffee for Plunger by Montville Coffee Australia is a wonderful product designed for use in a coffee plunger machine. With a buttery caramel flavour with a slight hint of chocolate and almond, you can be sure you’ll feel fantastic having used Sunshine Coast in your plunger to start the morning. Vegan friendly, and dairy and gluten free, this product arrives in a 1kg bag designed to seal in freshness.

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Certified Organic Coffee Beans from PNG, Nicaragua, Mexico and Columbia