Conditioner Rosemary 325mL Avalon Organics

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AVALON ORGANICSConditioner Rosemary 325mL Buy Online

AVALON ORGANICSConditioner Rosemary

With a stronger focus on providing concerned consumers with products that are not only healthier for use but friendlier to the environment and the animals that we share the Earth with, stringent efforts are being made to provide the marketplace with higher quality items. Avalon Organics have taken the reins and are committed to providing the community with products that live up to these higher standards that we set. Avalon Organics products are cruelty-free as they are not tested on animals and packaged in fully recyclable containers to ensure minimal damage to the environment ensures post-delivery of their products.

Conditioner Rosemary 325ml by Avalon Organics is safe, effective and organically certified to provide the consumer with a product that strengthens hair, leaves volume and shine and all in the absence of harmful nasty ingredients that other mainstream hair care products possess. Simply massage into hair, leave for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly for effective results.

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