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Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow Pearly Copper (55)

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Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow Pearly Copper (55)



Apply with Eye Shadow Brush No. 6, Short Eye Shadow Brush No. 8 (along lash line), and/or Orbit Brush No. 11 (smudge and blend shades). Tip: If shadow is dropped and broken, use a finger to gently press the shadow back to its solid form.


Crease resistant mineral eye shadows. Exceptional silky finish and a long lasting hold. Active ingredients: Organic soybean oil: film-forming and anti-aging properties with a moisturizing ** and regenerating action. Organic shea butter: moisturizing ** and regenerating, rich in natural vitamins A, E and F. Organic apricot powder: leaves the skin soft. Squalane vegetable origin: extract of the olive, prevents dehydration, and brings comfort and a silky touch.