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The Dr Superfoods Company began as Naturally Goji Pty Ltd and was founded in 2005 by Queenslander David Bruckner, an athlete, health food advocate and environmental consultant. His venture began after a “light bulb” moment, culminating in the ordering of 1 tonne of goji berries. After googling “world’s healthiest foods”, he discovered that this unique little berry was in fact a powerhouse of nutrition. At the time, no one he had approached, including naturopaths had any knowledge of what a goji berry was! And so the light bulb moment ignited and the idea to import a small shipment and introduce it to the Australian market was born. On a leap of faith, he resigned from his job, threw caution to the wind and so his business venture began. Since then, Naturally Goji evolved into Dr Superfoods, and as a result, offers a variety of high antioxidant, preservative free superfoods