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Dried Mango

What is a dried mango

As the name suggests, the dried mango is simply a dried mango fruit. Mangoes are a delicious tropical fruit that is prone to ripen quickly. Drying them naturally allows all the natural goodness and great taste of the fruit to be retained while essentially preserving the fruit for much longer periods of time, allowing this tropical delight to be transported to much colder areas while retaining its essential goodness.

Natural dried mango is produced by peeling and seeding the mango before cutting it into slices and placing them into a solar or sun drying unit. Organic dried mango is made in  the same way from fruit that has not been subjected to chemicals or pesticides. Dried mango tastes great but should be consumed in small quantities as the water content has been removed, making them potentially fattening if  you over indulge.

Benefits of dried mango Australia can trust

Besides being incredibly tasty, easy to transport and easy to store, dried mangoes have a number of health benefits that make them a great snack. These benefits include:

  • They are an excellent source of vitamin B making them great energy boosters and stress relievers

  • Antioxidants and other nutrients help to soothe inflammation and combat the effects of ageing

  • Excellent source of fibre which helps to promote gut health

  • Other vitamins and minerals contained within the fruit help to build bone density

Where to buy dried mango

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