Ear Candles


What are ear candles?

Ear candles are a natural remedy used by those looking to clear their ear canals in a safe manner. They work by extracting ear wax and debris out of the ear canal with the assistance of smoke or a burning wick. Proponents of this method claim that the smoke creates a vacuum that safely helps to remove wax and other debris from the ear.

How do ear candles work?

Many people ask how do ear candles work? Well, the treatment method is quite simple and non-invasive. The treatment begins by placing a long candle into the ear. The external end of the candle is then lit which results in the whole ear becoming coated in beeswax. This creates a vacuum in the ear canal and, as the beeswax is being removed, excess ear wax is drawn out with it.

The potential benefits of ear candles

As a form of alternative medicine there are both proponents and critics of the potential benefits of ear candles as a form of treatment. With that said, those who are advocates of the herbal and natural treatment method outline the following benefits of use:

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