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Ear Candles

Ear Candles

What is ear candling?

Ever wondered exactly what is ear candling? Well, put simply it is a cleaning process that proponents suggest may clear the ear canals of excess wax and debris. Advocates of the method claim that ear candling can be beneficial by using the smoke of a burning wick to create a vacuum that helps to extract the wax and excess debris from the ear.

How do ear candles work?

Many people ask how do ear candles work? Well, the method is simple to explain. It involves placing a long candle into the ear. The external end of the candle is then lit which results in the whole ear becoming coated in beeswax. This creates a vacuum in the ear canal and, as the beeswax is being removed, the hope is that excess ear wax is drawn out with it.

What does ear candling do?

The heat from the ear candles is meant to soften ear wax making it easier to remove.

Why you might use ear candles?

As a form of alternative medicine there are both proponents and critics of the value of using ear candling as a form of ear care. Some users of the product have advised that it may help with: 

  • Clearing earwax build-up. Although earwax serves a purpose in protecting the inner ear from unwanted particles, problems arise due to excess build-up. Traditional treatments such as water pumping or the insertion of sharp implements can be invasive and uncomfortable. Using ear candles is an alternative that is free from discomfort.
  • A reduction in earaches. Earaches generally occur due to inflammation within the ear canal. Those looking for a treatment method that does not involve the use of prescribed medication may find that ear candling provides an effective alternative. This is because the warmth inside the ear can ensure bacteria does not have the space to reside.
  • Relief of swimmer's ear. When water gets trapped in the ear canal, germs present in the liquid can cause an infection. This often is reported as severely uncomfortable. When ear candles are used, the warmth provided can remove the water build-up therefore reducing the chance for germs to survive.

Do ear candles really work?

A quick Google search will reveal many health sites proclaiming that ear candles do not remove ear wax. However, there is some evidence to show that ear candles do soften ear wax, making it easier to flush out. Some of the more reputable ear candling sites actually state that ear candling softens the ear wax allowing it to be secreted naturally. This explanation would tend to give credence to the practice and perhaps explain why the practice dates back thousands of years in many different cultures.

Will ear candles help with fluid in the ear?

There are some claims that ear candling may help to dry excess fluids in the ear. There is no scientific evidence to support this claim.

Ear Candling Precautions

It is important that customers be aware of the need to take caution when using ear candles. It is recommended that you do not use ear candles unless in the presence of others. The act of inserting ear candles is safer when performed by a second person. It is also important to note that if you suffer from chronic illnesses and diseases that use of ear candles is not recommended.

Make sure to avoid using ear candles if you have tympanostomy tube implants or suffer from a perforated eardrum. This warning also applies to any kind of inflammation of the ear and its surrounding area. Please also be aware that occasional allergic reaction to the ingredients contained within this product have been reported. Where this occurs, irritating itchiness has been reported. In most cases, this allergic reaction can be relieved by using eardrops.

Is ear candling safe?

Using ear candles may present some risks, particularly if not used properly. Improper use could result in build up of candle wax in the ear canal, burns to the face and hair, or in some cases a perforated eardrum. Caution is recommended.

We highly encourage you to consult a GP or health practitioner if you have any reservations about ear candling treatment. Application of ear candles is at your own risk so please make sure to chat with your GP if you have any concerns prior to use.

Where to buy ear candles?

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