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Enriched Anna's Wild Yam Cream Menstrual Pain Herbal Balm100g

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Anna’s Wild Yam Cream 100g


• 100% Natural Hormone Balancing Cream
• No Synthetic Or Bio-Identical Hormones
• Made With Wild Yam
• Relieves Menstrual Discomfort
• Improves Menopausal Symptoms
• Increases Energy

Anna’s Wild Yam Cream was developed in 1996 and launched in February 1997. One of the first professionally blended quality Wild Yam creams on the Australian market, it has earned an excellent reputation by its users, and is the most often repurchased cream of its kind in Australia.

The key to “feminine balance” comes from providing our bodies with the nutritional resources necessary to produce all of the Adrenal Cortex Steroids needed naturally and in the quantity and timing required in order to meet the ever changing demands of our physical, emotional and reproductive needs.
When we speak of “feminine balance” it refers to a natural balance of hormones which are produced in a cascade or chain of messenger chemicals, with one hormone being the precursor for the next and all flowing in a complex sequence to meet the many intricate and varying needs at any given time of a normal healthy female.

Unfortunately, our hormonal systems are easily unbalanced and disrupted, either by pollution, or by medicines such as the contraceptive pill or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). We are all exposed to many 'xeno' or 'mimic' estrogens found in chemicals of all Descriptions that pollute our food chain and environment. The sources include food preservatives, cleansing chemicals, plastics, pesticides, and building materials, to name just a few. Scientific studies have shown that ‘mimic’ estrogens occupy estrogen receptors within the human body but perform no biological function and thus cause hormonal imbalances.

Traditional treatment for hormonal imbalances has been the introduction of bio-identical steroids. Of course regulating the chemistry of a complicated interactive biological system requires a lot more understanding than adjusting one of the component hormones with an artificial substitute. If you change the concentration of one steroid, such as progesterone, it doesn't only influence the action of progesterone. It influences the behaviour and functions of all the other hormonal chemicals within the biological system. The only natural progesterone is the one we produce in our bodies. The so called bio-identical or natural progesterone is a drug requiring a doctor’s prescription (in Australia) and which carries the normal warnings of side effects and contraindications as other synthetic drugs.

The better way to achieve hormonal balance is to use a high quality cream like Anna’s Wild Yam Cream, which has the potential to create equilibrium by delivering its natural Ingredients trans-dermally (through the skin) and into the blood stream. Anna’s Wild Yam Cream does not contain progesterone. The active ingredient of Wild Yam, Diosgenin, is a powerful Phytosteroid which is responsible for the production of Pregnenolone which in turn is the precursor of ALL Adrenal Cortex Steroids. Pregnenolone is the building block for all hormones and equips the body with the ability to make any of these important chemical messengers that may be lacking and needed for a healthy response by the endocrine system.

How to Apply:

Choose ONE location for each application, alternating between your inner thighs, inner arms, stomach and chest, massaging gently until the cream is fully absorbed. One jar lasts 2 to 3 months depending on individual needs.


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