Fabric Softener 500ml By Ecostore

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Fabric Softener 500ml By Ecostore


Having identified an absence in the marketplace for bathroom and body care products that utilized environmentally friendly ingredients at the expense of more harmful chemicals, Malcolm and Melanie Rands created Ecostore. This company, established and operating out of New Zealand, operates with an ethos of providing consumers with harm free products that are gentler on the planet and that aren’t tested on animals during production.

Ecostore’s Fabric Softener helps keep clothes, linen and other fabrics soft and fresh. Containing no harmful chemicals such as synthetic dyes or animal fat, this product is not only effective in softening fabric but is also gentle on the environment. With no unneeded bulking agents or fillers, this product is super concentrated and each 500ml container will allow for an impressive 14 washes. Made from renewable sugarcane plastic, the bottle is 100% recyclable thus helping to reduce your carbon footprint.

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