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Fragrance Free Shampoo

Fragrance Free Shampoo

What are Fragrance Free Shampoo?

Fragrance free shampoo is a pretty self explanatory term. You can expect fragrance free shampoo to contain organic or natural ingredients without discernible scents, perfumes or dyes.

When a shampoo claims to contain a fragrance, the chemicals contained with a fragrance based shampoo are often not disclosed as the manufacturers are trying to protect tier trade secrets.

The key benefit associated with using a fragrance and chemical free shampoo is that your scalp will not be exposed to any chemicals that could potentially irritate the skin. There are a lot of people whose scalp cannot tolerate being subjected to the cocktail of  harsh chemicals, and detergents contained in commercially produced fragrant shampoo. 

A further benefit of using organic fragrance free shampoo is that people who put colour in their hair will have the colour last longer when a fragrance free shampoo is used.

Is Fragrance Free Shampoo better?

While having hair that smells good can be important for self esteem reasons, there is a school of thought that says that fragrance might be the least important factor to consider when choosing a shampoo, especially if such conditions as itch scalp or dandruff are present. 

Fragrance in shampoo is also known to cause dermatitis on your scalp. This is an allergic reaction that presents as itchiness, redness, or as a rash. Often these problems emerge over time as skin becomes "sensitised".

With all that in mind, there is a reasonable case to say that fragrance free shampoo is better.

Is Fragrance Free the same as unscented?

While the words fragrance free and unscented appear to be interchangeable, from a consumer’s perspective they can mean two different things and it is important to understand this. 

Fragrance free is a much safer term As the label suggests, fragrance free means that no fragrances of any variety have been added to the product. If the label is to be believed, you can rest assured that no artificial fragrances have been added and as artificial fragrances are known to contain phthalates which irritate the skin, fragrance free makes a good choice. This does not mean that a fragrant free shampoo will not have any smell, as any natural products contained in the formula will retain their scent.

Unscented on the other hand can indicate that some sort of masking agent has been used to hide the smell of other products. If a masking agent was used then, there is a fair chance that it was composed of toxic phthalates.

Where can I buy Fragrance Free Shampoo?

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Fragrance Free Shampoo reviews?

Choosing the best fragrance free shampoo is a choice that deserves careful consideration. ed. If you spend some time researching fragrance free shampoo reviews online, you will discover a lot of positive feedback for our choice range of fragrance free shampoo.


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