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Giovanni - #1 Natural Hair Products

Giovanni – the first brand launching salon hair care products and becoming the #1 brand in the US for its natural products. Founder of Giovanni is non-else than Arthur Guidotti, the famous celebrity hairstylist based in Hollywood and Beverly Hills. His passion for healthy hair, motivated him to open his own salon, called On Sunset, and later launching his famous hair care range. Together with his business partner, Peter Stathis, Arthur founded Giovanni. The brand was soon given to Arthur’s son, James Guidotti who is responsible for a large portion of the brand’s success. 

Organic Hair Care Products with Giovanni’s Innovation 

With only 12 products to begin with, Giovanni managed to rise up and have the success it does today. James was raised in the beauty industry and so his goal was to inject style into natural products since back then, natural hair care was neglected and seemed mediocre. Influenced by his favourite fashion-forward hair care brand called Sebastian International, James strived to meet his goal and serve the natural products industry. 

And he succeeded, but not alone. He had dozens of employees who all managed to enrich Giovanni’s portfolio with more than 120 natural hair care products and raise it up to the top. Hard work and innovation was also the key to the brand’s success as well as focusing on his main goal – to bring style into natural products and satisfy the needs of natural consumers. 

Reaching the top 

Giovanni is not only the top selling natural hair care brand; it is also the top leader in the natural-hair care industry. The brand’s innovation does not seize to exist and they are always exceeding expectations. The perfect combination of chic and natural. That is why they are being rewarded with the highest sales and market share. 

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