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Giovanni is a family owned business, ever since the founder, Arthur Giovanni, explored the possibility of creating his own line of professional organic hair products using vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins and nutrients as a base. He came to this approach after being a leading hair stylist and top salon owner for years and his hands started to react to the chemicals in the products. He tried many different lines with no relief. He felt his products would have more predictability (i.e. no surprise chemical reactions) and would generally be much better for the hair than the standard, wholly chemically based, products.

The Giovanni EcoChic cosmetic range was one of the first ‘natural’ hair care ranges and is now the #1 selling Natural Hair Care Brand in the United States.

All Giovanni organic products contain no parabens, no sodium lauryl/laureth sulphate, no animal by products, are cruelty free, pH balanced and consist of biodegradable formulas with recyclable packaging.

All Giovanni products follow The Giovanni Rule of Balance – make each product as pure and natural as possible without sacrificing exceptional product performance.