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Glass Coffee Cups

Glass Coffee Cups

Assist the environment by drinking from a reusable glass coffee cup

 We can all do our bit for the environment by using reusable glass coffee cups. Every year, Australians consume more than 1 billion coffees out of disposable coffee cups. This means that in a single day over 2.5 million disposable cups are thrown out. While paper cups can be recycled, by purchasing reusable glass products, an environmentally conscious Australia can ensure that no waste is created at all.

 Reusable glass coffee products are not just beneficial to the environment

The benefits of buying a reusable glass coffee cup are not solely limited to providing environmental benefits through the reduction of waste. There are additional advantages that will now be outlined:

  • Reusable glass cups are BPA free which means that these items have a high melting point that ensures hot liquid is handled effectively without wearing down.
  • The glass cups are fitted with effective sealable lids. The leak-free seals not only keep your hot drinks secure, but they also ensure your tea or coffee remains warm.
  • They are easy to hold. The outer layer of protection that a reusable cup possesses ensures that the user won’t suffer burns and uncomfortable heat from the hot substance contained within.
  • These products possess sleeves that are easy to hold which prevents the hot drinks from slipping and tipping over when placing them on your desk at work or in your home office .
  • They allow for impressive heat retention. The strong design and effective seals that this product is fitted with results in your coffee staying warmer for much longer than occurs with traditional, disposable cups.
  • They are light and easy to clean. Despite being made from a stronger material than disposable cups, a reusable coffee cup does not weigh much, and the glass is easy to wash and dishwasher friendly.

 Consume your morning coffee from an Australian made reusable glass coffee cup

 At Buy Organics Online there is a wide selection of reusable coffee mugs and cups available for purchase with many made right here in Australia. Stocking only the highest quality cups, mugs, bottles and jugs, made from high grade plastic through to stainless steel, you simply can’t go wrong.

 Make the switch today and have an immediate impact on the planet that we live on by purchasing your reusable coffee cup from Buy Organics Online today!

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