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Liquid Chlorophyll

What is liquid chlorophyll

Chlorophyll is the natural pigment that helps plants to go green. High levels of it are found in some natural organic foods including spirulina, wheatgrass, spinach and parsley. Liquid chlorophyll is essentially made by blending one of these chlorophyll rich foods with water.

Organic liquid chlorophyll has been made using organically grown chlorophyll

Commercially produced liquid chlorophyll is defined as a chlorophyll supplement and its content labelling may include chlorophyllin rather than chlorophyll. It is thought that chlorophyllin is more easily absorbed into the body then chlorophyll itself. Liquid chlorophyll may be a better source of chlorophyll than the raw product itself.

What are the benefits of taking liquid chlorophyll?

What is liquid chlorophyll health benefits?

Chlorophyll and chlorophyllin are known to provide significant health benefits in a variety of ways. When answering the question, what is liquid chlorophyll good for, there are a number of scientifically proven benefits that can be used   Some of these scientifically proven ways include:

  • Helps with liver detoxification by helping to naturally improve the removal of toxins and waste from the body.

  • Can help to treat haemoglobin deficiencies. Chlorophyll has a very similar chemical makeup to red blood cells. This similar cellular structure makes it helpful in treating people with anaemia. Chlorophyll is often called a blood builder

  • Some clinical trials have indicated that introducing chlorophyll to a high carb diet may help with weight loss. It is thought that chlorophyll acts as an appetite suppressant.

  • As chlorophyll is likely to stimulate bowel movements it will help to improve your overall digestive health

  • Its high magnesium content will help to maintain the acid alkaline balance which helps to maintain proper functioning kidneys and liver.

  • Is a strong source of antioxidants which combat free radicals likely to cause damage to your body.

  • Helps to maintain healthy iron levels.

  • Can help control inflammation that leads to arthritic conditions.

  • Boosts immune system

  • Chlorophyll contains Vitamin E which helps to stimulate testosterone levels in males and estrogen levels in females.

  • Vitamin K contained in chlorophyll could help to reduce the likelihood of kidney stones as it stimulates urination and reduces the build up of 

  • Promotes overall oral health

What is liquid chlorophyll used for besides internal health.

Surprisingly, the benefits of liquid chlorophyll extend beyond health. It is used for the following tasks.

  • Can be used as a deodoriser in place of mouthwash or deodorant.

  • Topical application can help to heal wounds or burns faster than they otherwise would heal.

  • Can help to slow the ageing process by maintaining healthy tissues as well as potentially stimulating anti ageing enzymes.

How much liquid chlorophyll to take

Prior to embarking on a course of chlorophyll, it is recommended that you consult your doctor about any potential side effects that may apply to you. It is generally accepted that a daily dosage of  between 100 and 300 mls of chlorophyll is within normal safe limits. It is recommended that the dosage be spaced out over the course of the day. A dosage of 120 mls would be divided up into 3 lots of 40 mls.

When taking chlorophyll your diet should also include a reasonable amount of green vegetables in your diet.

Where can I buy liquid chlorophyll

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