Liquid Soap

Liquid Soap – Your multi-purposed soap

Liquid Soap is not your traditional soap. Our liquid soap range includes multi-purposed soaps such as liquid castile soaps. Each product is made up of different formulations that allow for a much deeper cleaning and to satisfy all your cleaning needs. Organic Liquid Soaps have many advantages over traditional bar soaps. In reference to their biggest difference of the latter being in solid form whereas liquid is not, this makes liquid soaps even more convenient and cost-effective. We will have a look at that in the benefits section.

Some argue how natural body wash is almost the same with natural liquid soap. Their only difference is that liquid soap usually has a thicker consistency and it is mostly used in colder climates. Due to their thinner consistency, shower gels are recommended to be used in warmer climates.

Liquid Soap vs Shower Gel vs Body Wash

No one can declare which one is the best for you to use. Each has a different consistency, texture and soap formulation. In addition to the aforementioned reason and the different types of consumers that exist in the market, deciding which one to use is purely on individual preference. Although, one can make an educated decision based on the ingredients used in the making of each one. Especially, when it comes to allergies or ingredient preference.

Liquid Soap Benefits

Lets have a look at some benefits that liquid soap has over the other types of soaps.

  1. Liquid soap, much like shower gels and body wash, is cost effective over bar soaps. You can control the amount of liquid you will use per bath/shower session. Whereas soaps usually soak in water which can reduce the amount of soap available.
  2. Some bacteria might grow on soaps due to their direct contact with the ones using it.
  3. Fragrance and moisture of liquid soaps react better in colder climates.
  4. Usually available in bottle dispensers which is more convenient to be used.
  5. Lathering with liquid soap leaves a thin layer of moisturizer and fragrance on your skin. That is one of the reasons why most liquid soap fans prefer it over bar soaps.

Liquid Soap Australia

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