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Maharishi Ayurveda Raja's Cup Loose Leaf 225g

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 Maharishi Ayurveda Raja'S Cup Loose Leaf 225 grams

Maharishi Ayurveda is determined to provide consumers with healthy herbal products that will help restore the balance in their lives. They exist with one intention: to help consumers restore and maintain balance to boost their mind, body and soul. Maharishi Ayurveda is committed to using environmentally sustainable practices to help ensure the environment is not harmed during manufacturing of their products.

For many centuries, the kings of Ancient India consumed a drink that provided them with strength and overall health and well-being. This drink was known as Raj’s Cup. The team at Maharishi Ayurveda have re-introduced this formula so that we can all experience the wonderful benefit that comes from drinking Raj’s Cup. This traditional coffee substitute contains four herbal products infused together to deliver a fantastic feeling, clearing nut, licorice, winter cherry and kasmard. Caffeine free, it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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Clearing Nut, Kasmard, Licorice, Winter Cherry.