What Is Natural Mascara?

Do you ever think why natural mascara is so important? We started with consuming organic food because we knew the harmful side effects of pesticides that were used in growing crop but are you aware of the effects of chemicals infused in your beauty products? .

Skin is the biggest organ of the body and it has capabilities to absorb what you apply on it, it’s said that 60% of what you apply on your body is absorbed and enters into your bloodstream. if you apply chemically produced cosmetics, your skin will absorb the toxins and chemicals from the products.

The everyday product that you use can have some serious health issues for you and the environment, it has become necessary to switch to organic products.

Organic Mascara Benefits:

As you know that skin absorbs 60% of whatever you apply on it, there are many long-term and short-term benefits of Organic Mascara.

Advocates have suggested that Natural mascara can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

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