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Kintra Foods Matcha 100% Japanese Green Tea 110g

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Kintra Foods Matcha 100% Japanese Green Tea 110g 


The power of Matcha lies in the rich source of antioxidants that it provides to those that regularly consume it. In addition, it is also rich and vitamins and minerals that provide many health Benefits. These Benefits include:

  • A great source of chromium, selenium and magnesium which provides a boost in metabolism, increased energy and reduced inflammation
  • Eases digestion thanks to the fibre that it contains
  • Can protect against heart disease because of the presence of polyphenols
  • Can provide relaxation Benefits because it contains l-theanine
  • Provides detoxification of harsh chemicals from the body thanks to the presence of chlorophyll

Matcha Green Tea by Kintra Foods Australia provides all the necessary antioxidants needed to live a healthier lifestyle. Rich in vitamins and minerals you’ll receive an energy boost and immunity from disease all while burning calories more effectively. This matcha tea product allows for 110 serves per package illustrating its tremendous value.

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100% Pure Japanese Matcha