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Natural Insect Repellent

Natural Insect Repellent

Fight off the bugs with natural insect repellent

Having flies, cockroaches and mosquitoes in the family home can be a frustrating experience. Often mainstream insect repellents can contain toxic ingredients that, when airborne, can pose a threat to the family. Natural insect repellents provide effective protection from bugs while also protecting the family from exposure to synthetic chemicals.

The benefits of natural insect repellent products

There are several benefits that natural insect repellents can provide to those who choose these over their non-organic counterparts. These benefits include:

They are free of DEET. DEET is the most commonly found ingredient in most mainstream insect repellents and provides effective protection against most insects. However, empirical research has shown that DEET can have a negative effect on the central nervous system. Additionally, there is the added concern with DEET that it can infuse with other chemicals present in repellents to become even more toxic. Organic insect repellents do not contain DEET making them a safer choice for the concerned individual and family.

Natural insect repellents are great for those with sensitive skin. Petroleum, parabens and other synthetic chemicals are commonly found in non-organic repellents and can cause itchiness and irritation to those with sensitive skin. Natural insect repellents do not contain these synthetic chemicals making them a great choice for those that experience negative reactions to non-natural repellents.

Natural insect repellents are generally made from essential oils including peppermint, rose and geranium that possess a great natural fragrance. This is contrary to the smell often emanating from commercial insect repellents that is often stomach churning.

Natural insect repellent Australia

At Buy Organics Online there are a range of natural insect repellent products that are sourced from only the most trusted organic brands from Australian and around the world. These products are highly advantageous for the individual and the family as they are free of harmful chemicals that might negatively impact the central nervous system.

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