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Niugini Organics Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 1 Litre

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UN - NG02

Niugini Organics Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 1 Litre 


Wild harvested and hand-picked by community growers in Papua New Guinea, Niugini Organics Virgin Coconut Oil is everything you want in organic products. It provides excellent heat stability, making it an excellent help in high temperature cooking. Because of the natural stability of coconut oils, Niugini Organics Virgin Coconut Oil is also slow to oxidise and, therefore, resistant to rancidity.

  • It is raw, organic, and natural – it is unbleached and not deodorised. Each jar of Virgin Coconut oil is unrefined and it doesn't contain synthetic Ingredients so it is absolutely safe to eat and use.
  • It is good for your body – Certified vegetarian and heart-friendly, Virgin Coconut Oil is cholesterol-free and is rich in Lauric Acid. It doesn't contain trans fat and it can help with arthritis, cholesterol, diabetes, weight loss, organic skin care, and more.
  • Niugini Organic Virgin Raw Coconut Oil comes in beautiful and very functional glass kilner jars.
  • Refrigeration is not needed.


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