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NTS Health are innovators in wellness and longevity, where digestive health, immune support and detox, are some of the issue addressed by NTS Health products. They are an Australian owned and operated company, based on the beautiful sunshine coast in Queensland who also focus on education, empowerment and wellness devices, to assist in reinstating vitality. The NTS Health philosophy is passionate about proactive maintenance of optimal wellness, rather than an absorption into the symptom-treating ‘sickness’ industry. This integrative natural health approach involves the most up to date longevity research and breakthroughs in energy medicine. Their range of products is dedicated to providing a proactive approach to wellness and offers empowering solutions to the symptom-treating modern medical machine, in favour of constructive, rewarding alternatives. NTS Health offers a rich tapestry of invaluable information, with a holistic approach that embraces mind/body medicine, nutrition, beneficial biology and leading edge science. Their focus is always on identifying and addressing the root cause of health issues.

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