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Organic Strawberries

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Organic strawberries

Organic strawberries are regarded as the best version of this delicious and delightful fruit. These fibre-rich fruits are chock full of
antioxidants, vitamins C and K and a range of minerals including folate, potassium, magnesium and manganese. Strawberries are
much loved. However, they feature high on the US-based Environmental Working Group’s dirty dozen list of fruits that they believe
should only be consumed when grown organically.


How are organic strawberries grown?

Organic strawberries are grown without the aid of synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or genetically modified organisms. Organic
farmers grow strawberries in well-drained areas that get plenty of sun. The soil is well fertilised with organic compost or


Organic strawberries V non-organic strawberries 

Non-organic strawberries have been found to almost always retain the residue of pesticides used in their production. Organic
strawberries are not exposed to pesticides, Additionally, the farming methods used are more environmentally friendly.


GMO strawberries V organic strawberries

There is considerable debate centring around GMO food V organic food and the debate carries through to strawberries. There
have now been some researchers who have announced that organically grown strawberries are better tasting and more nutritious.
The debate in this area will continue, with GMO advocates steadfast in their advocacy for their products. What cannot be disputed,
however, is that GMO strawberries will have pesticide residue on them. 


Are hydroponic strawberries organic strawberries? 

Some hydroponic strawberries are organically grown, while others are not. The difference is what the strawberries are fed
hydroponically. In short, hydroponic strawberries are not guaranteed to be organic. Always read the label.


Where to buy organic strawberries

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