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Paleo Protein

Paleo Protein

What is Paleo Protein?

Paleo protein is obtained from foods recommended in the paleo diet. These foods are foods that are thought to be foods that would have been eaten in the paleolithic period when humans were hunter/gatherers. Paleo protein is usually associated with lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables and a variety of seeds and nuts. Paleo protein powder is a powdered supplement made from these food staples. 

According to advocates of the paleo diet regime, the shift away from these traditional staple foods to dairy products, grains and legumes caused an imbalance in the body’s system. This theory is known as the discordance hypothesis.

A diet that incorporates paleo protein powder aims to correct this imbalance while gaining the maximum amount of protein and potentially losing weight.

Benefits of taking paleo protein powder and sticking to a paleo diet may include :-

  • Controlled weight loss.

  • Better control of blood pressure levels.

  • Higher glucose tolerance.

  • Lower levels of triglycerides in the body.

  • Improved appetite management.

While the benefits of paleo protein are real, critics of the diet would point to the lack of fibre and calcium if a paleo only diet is pursued.

What is Ultra Paleo Protein?

Ultra paleo protein is a multi purpose term used to either describe paleo protein powders that are gluten free or alternatively protein powders that have high concentrations of protein.

What is a High Paleo Protein Powder?

As their name indicates, the range of protein supplies paleo pro protein powders stocked by Buy Organics Online are a high protein source supplement that is free of dairy, grains or legumes. The range meets all the criteria to be classed as a high protein paleo product.

Where to buy Paleo Protein in Australia?

If you have been looking to make the switch to a high protein paleo diet and need protein powder to give that added burst of protein, you will find that Buy Organics Online has the best range of paleo protein powder Australia has to offer. Browse our range today and make the choice that will give you that added burst of protein. 


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