Planet Organic Black Pepper Cracked 55gms

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Save On Black Pepper Cracked 55 grams by Planet Organic - Buy Online

Planet Organic is a company that is determined to support a healthy and happy society by providing high quality organic products that not only respect the health of the individual but the health of the planet as well. 100% Australian owned and operating out of their warehouse on the Sunshine Coast, planet organic products are produced with integrity in mind and are fully certified organic by Australian Certified Organic.

Used as an ingredient in recipes or as a table spice, black pepper can provide the consumer with many benefits. First and foremost, it increases nutrient absorption, it contains 79% of the daily recommended intake of manganese, 45% of the iron and 30% of the fiber. Additionally, it can help aid digestion, can stimulate appetite, facilitate weight loss, help relieve gas, clear congestion. Furthermore, it has been shown to combat arthritis and works as an all-natural antidepressant.

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