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Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

What are protein pancakes

Now you can enjoy a breakfast favourite without sacrificing your healthy lifestyle with protein pancakes! So, how do these pancakes differ from the traditional kind? The secret is in the ingredients. Traditional pancakes consist of refined carbohydrates that increase your blood sugar levels and significantly raise your risk of heart disease. They are also tremendously high in calories, with a small stack of pancakes being the equivalent of four servings of white bread. Protein pancakes on the other hand are made using healthy plant-based ingredients, no refined grains or sugar and a loaded with healthy proteins. The result is a healthy alternative to a family favourite that won’t negatively affect your diet!

The benefits of protein pancakes mix

Using a protein pancakes mix will give you the opportunity to create a delicious breakfast for you and the family without creating an unhealthy breakfast option. Normally anything made with refined carbohydrates, such as cake mixes, muffins, and cupcakes will lead to weight gain and health concerns. But by using protein pancakes the negative ramifications of consuming refined carbohydrates are avoided.

How to use a protein pancakes mix

To use a protein pancakes mix simply combine the contents of the packet with eggs and milk. Whisk through thoroughly for 3-5 minutes. Heat oil on a pan and then spread the mixture onto it. Cook for a few minutes and flip to the other side halfway through. Serve when ready.

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