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Rice Syrup

Rice Syrup

What is rice syrup?

Organic rice syrup sometimes called brown rice syrup or organic rice malt syrup is a sugar substitute derived from cooking brown rice so that it breaks down and converts the rice and starches into sugars, mainly maltose and glucose. Importantly, brown rice syrup contains no fructose.

 Rice syrup  is popular because it is all natural and in many cases, organic being derived from rice that has been grown and harvested without the aid of chemicals, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.  The syrup is popular with vegans as refined sugar is known sometimes to use bone char from animals in the refining process, whereas rice syrup does not.

Uses of brown rice syrup 

Rice syrup is used in pretty much the same way as any other liquid sweetener he can be added to popular drinks like tea or coffee or can be used to add extra sweetness in any recipe.  It works really well as a drizzle for waffles, pikelets or pancakes. It can also be used as a dessert topping 

When cooking with rice syrup it can be used straight out of the jar there is no preparation necessary.  It is perfect as a natural sweetener in any recipes that you want to be vegan or gluten-free. Care needs to be exercised when using it with baked recipes as  it can cause the dish to be too crispy. Rice syrup does not taste the same as sugar or maple syrup. It is mildly sweet with a faint nutty taste that has been compared to butterscotch 

Where to buy rice syrup

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