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Unscented Deodorant

Unscented Deodorant

What are Unscented Deodorant?

An unscented deodorant is an odorless product that has been developed to effectively mask or even prevent unwanted and potentially embarrassing body odour. There are a range of unscented solid deodorant and unscented gel deodorant products on the market that perform this function.

What is the point of Unscented Deodorant?

There is a significant market for unscented deodorant and the reasons for the demand vary. The key reasons that unscented deodorant is growing in popularity are-:

  • Many women in particular do not want a deodorant that conflicts with their chosen perfume fragrance. Many people see the fragrance that their perfume has an extension of themselves and do not want that fragrance to be diluted.

  • Scented deodorants invariably have more ingredients in them than unscented deodorants and with each ingredient there is an increased risk of skin irritation. We all react a little differently to various ingredients. Unscented deodorants have less ingredients and therefore carry less risk of irritating the skin.

  • Unscented deodorants are unisex in nature. If there is no scent, there is no scent. Whereas most fragrant scents will have a feminine or masculine appeal.

  • Many deodorants have a strong fragrance that simply masks body odour rather than eliminates it. Unfortunately, this often results in a rather unpleasant odour that is a mixture of body sweat and deodorant. This makes unscented deodorant an appealing option for people concerned that the deodorant is not fighting the bacteria that causes odour but simply masking the smell with varying degrees of success.

Is it bad to have fragrance in deodorant?

Having fragrance is very much a personal choice and everyone will have their own personal choice. The primary function of deodorant is to prevent body odour. Perfumes and aftershaves are more suitable for people looking for fragrance. With that said, some people will prefer a fragrant deodorant. Natural fragrances are of course better and there is much conjecture about the ingredients in deodorants. For this reason it is probably best to avoid deodorants with heavy fragrances and a lot of unnatural ingredients.

What is the best Unscented Deodorant?

Again, what is the best unscented deodorant will come down to personal choice. You can choose from an unscented gel deodorant, an unscented solid deodorant or some form of unscented spray deodorant. Some people search for Schmidts unscented deodorant and while Schmidts offer a good range of products, we would suggest that there are a range of unscented deodorants that perform the necessary function of safely eliminating body odour. 

Unscented Deodorant reviews?

Deodorant choice is a very personal thing and it is difficult to get universal endorsement for any particular product. If you spend some time online, you will discover a lot of positive reviews for various unscented deodorants. The deodorant products chosen by Buy Organics Online all have positive reviews. 

Where can I buy Unscented Deodorant?

If you have been looking for the best unscented deodorant products that have been produced with your health in mind, then you will find the range of products at Buy Organics Online more than suitable for your needs. Get your unscented deodorant from the site today and switch to safe protective unscented deodorants.


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