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Vegan Sunscreen

What is vegan sunscreen?

As the name implies, vegan sunscreen is a sunscreen that has been manufactured without using animal products of any kind in the manufacturing process. This extends to the testing of products on animals. When you use vegan sunscreen you can be assured that it does not contain any of the following products which are commonly used in NON VEGAN sunscreens:

  • Collagen derived from cows, fish or pigs

  • Stearic acid - animal fats usually obtained from sheep cows or pigs

  • Elastin -  obtained from animal intestines

  • Lanolin

  • Chitin often extracted from crustaceans

  • Beeswax

Benefits of using vegan sunscreen

Besides being just as effective as traditionally produced sunscreens in protecting you from the sun’s rays, using vegan sunscreen will deliver the following benefits.

  • You can be assured that vegan sunscreen is made from all natural products that do ot have potentially harmful toxic substances in them.

  • The ingredients that have been used to make the sunscreen will not be harmful to the environment 

  • No animal products were used in the manufacture of the sunscreen.

  • Vegan products are never tested on animals- so you can be assured that the product you used has not contributed to the cruelty of animals.

  • Vegan sunscreen produced from natural products is much less likely to cause skin reactions. This is particularly reassuring for people who suffer from eczema or have sensitive skin.

Where to buy vegan sunscreen Australia can rely on for purity and quality’

We understand the importance of finding the best vegan sunscreen available. We stock a wide range of brands that we trust, so that you can choose a brand that best suits your needs. 

Buy Organics Online only stocks sunscreen products that we trust and believe in. Which is why if you’re looking for Vegan sunscreen Australia can trust for purity then you can rely upon the products available from our online store.  So, make the switch to vegan sunscreen now and buy yours from Buy Organics Online today.

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