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WaterPark Farm 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil 50ml


WaterPark Farm 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil 50ml

WaterPark Farm Tea Tree Oil is grown chemical free near the Byfield mountain range in Queensland. Our Tea Tree Oil is a natural antibacterial treatment, with many uses, an essential for every household. A natural sanitiser and antibacterial solution for treatment of minor cuts, tinea, fungal infection, acne, burns and insect bites, as well as household use.


100% pure Tea Tree oil (Melaleuca alternifolia)

Direction for use:

Directions: test before use. Apply sparingly to affected area using a clean applicator.
External use only

Topical Application:
Skincare: traditional antibacterial treatment. Add to shampoo / body wash for hygienic cleaning.
Household: Antibacterial deodoriser, add to general cleaner / water when mopping, kills germs in wash, ideal for outdoor spray.


For in-depth safety information on all essential oils, click below for the following resources:
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