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Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening Toothpaste

What is Whitening Toothpaste?

Whitening toothpaste is a special type of toothpaste designed to enhance the whiteness of a person’s teeth. Many commercially produced whitening toothpastes rely upon uch chemicals as fluoride and peroxide  to make the whitening process work. However there are naturally produced alternative whitening toothpaste products that perform the same function using natural ingredients such as charcoal 

Does Whitening Toothpaste really work?

There is no doubt that using whitening toothpaste will whiten your teeth over time.  Whitening toothpaste works by removing surface stains from teeth, thus allowing the natural whte colour of teeth to shine through. Whitening toothpaste is not capable of removing stains that sit below the surface of the tooth.

Some whitening toothpastes have abrasive properties that can cause wear to the teeth and as such their use should be in accordance with directions on the packet

Is Whitening Toothpaste harmful?

As mentioned, whitening toothpastes can be quite abrasive and this abrasiveness can cause wearing down of tooth enamel. These toothpastes usually recommend use with intervals of up to four weeks.

Additionally, many people are wary of the health effects that chemicals like fluoride and peroxide can cause to the human body. While there is much debate about these elements, we would suggest that you do your own research and/or seek the opinions of a doctor or dentist.

On the other hand, a natural whitening toothpaste like aloe dent whitening toothpaste has none of the potentially harmful chemicals and still performs the function of teeth whitening. 

What is the Whitening ingredient in toothpaste?

There are several different ingredients that can act as a teeth whitening agent.  Ingredients include Bicarbonate soda, charcoal and hydrogen peroxide. 

Natural products tend to gravitate towards the first two ingredients while many commercial products choose hydrogen peroxide.

What is the best Whitening Toothpaste?

Choosing the best whitening toothpaste may come down to several factors. There is no doubt that if your primary objective is to whiten your teeth and you have no other considerations, then some of the commercial whitening toothpastes will perform that function very well. 

However, the same results can be achieved using natural and in some cases organic toothpastes that are less abrasive, have less harmful chemicals and offer other oral health benefits as well. 

Ultimately, the best whitening toothpaste will literally come down to personal taste as each has a slightly different flavour and finding the right one that suits your taste buds may take several trails. (All our natural products taste pretty good by the way)

What is the best toothpaste for whitening?

The best toothpaste should be the toothpaste that delivers the best oral health outcomes overall. All of our whitening toothpaste products are proven whiteners made with natural products that give quality all round oral health benefits. Choose from our range of natural organic toothpastes that are sure to give your smile that extra gleam.

Where to buy Whitening Toothpaste?

If you have been looking for the best whitening toothpaste in Australia you can find an excellent range of proven whitening toothpastes at Buy Organics Online. Get yours today and make your pearly whites pearly white.


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