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Zinc Sunscreen

What is zinc sunscreen?

Zinc sunscreen is a physical sunscreen that forms a physical barrier against the sun’s UV rays. Physical sunscreens are preferred over chemical based sunscreens  by most dermatologists. Physical sunscreens like organic zinc sunscreen act much like a mirror reflecting the sun’s rays and not allowing the UV rays to penetrate deeply into the skin. Zinc sunscreen begins to work immediately after application, whereas chemical based sunscreens take up to twenty minutes to become effective.

Zinc sunscreen is made from the natural mineral zinc oxide which provides broad spectrum UV ray protection.

Benefits of using natural zinc sunscreen

Besides working immediately physical sunscreen has the added benefits of lasting longer and being more gentle on the skin than chemical based sunscreens. Using a natural zinc sunscreen that acts as a physical sun barrier will  give you the following additional benefits -:

  • Zinc oxide is not only safe to use on skin, it is antimicrobial and can help superficial cuts and abrasions to heal more quickly 

  • It is oil free and won;t clog your skin’s pores like some chemical sunscreens do.

  • It is one of the most effective sun barriers available

  • Zinc oxide is now made from tiny nanoparticles, meaning that it is almost invisible to the naked eye and no longer leave the white chalk look that it once did.

Where to buy zinc sunscreen Australia can rely on

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