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Amazonia Raw Workout 120g BB 06/09/2020 ON SALE

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Raw Workout 120g by Amazonia


• Contains Powerful Superfoods
• Nutrient Dense Ancient Seeds
• Freeze Dried Coconut Water
• Bio-Fermented Ingredients & Prebiotics
• Sea Minerals Complex (74+ Trace Minerals)
• #1 Adaptogenic Herb; Ginseng For Physical Stress
• Naturally Energising Ginkgo, Gotu Kola & Yerba Mate
• Elderberry & Mushroom For Immune Support
• Very Low Caffeine (< 5mg per Serving)
• Vegan & Alkalising


Amazonia Raw Workout is a unique nutrient- dense formula with electrolytes, designed to support energy, stamina and hydration. With a powerful combination of superfoods, concentrated sea minerals, isotonic coconut water, ancient seeds and traditional herbs, this special blend has been developed to provide a natural and steady flow of energy, to support a busy or active lifestyle.

Suggested Use:

Mix 5g (2 teaspoons) of Amazonia Raw Workout into 200ml of water or non-dairy milk. Also delicious combined into your favourite smoothies and breakfast bowls. Can be taken in the morning, or before and after exercise.


Summer Melon Frappe
2 cups frozen watermelon
150ml coconut water
Handful of Kale
Handful of ice
1 serve Amazonia Raw Workout
Combine in blender and enjoy!
Tip: Add fresh mint and lime for added delight!

Choco-Nana Protein Energy Shake
250ml coconut water
1 frozen banana
1 serve Amazonia Raw Cacao & Coconut Protein
1 serve Amazonia Raw Workout
1 tbsp cacao powder
½ tsp cinnamon
Handful of ice
Combine in blender and serve immediately.
Tip: This will satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time
as filling you up and providing lasting energy.


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Nutritional Information per 5g Serve:

Energy = 67kJ
Calories = 16kCal
Protein = 0.06g
Fat-Total = 0.02g
Saturated Fat = <0.01g
Carbohydrates = 2.94g
Sugar =0.07g
Sodium =23mg
Siberian Ginseng Extract = 150mg
Yerba Mate Leaf Extract = 30mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract = 50mg

Product Ingredients:

Super Fruit & Vegetable Blend* (Beetroot Powder*, Goji Berry Juice Powder*, Freeze-Dried Acai Berry*, Freeze-Dried Coconut Water*),Nutrient- dense Seed & Grain Blend* (Oat Bran*, Buckwheat*, Millet*, Amaranth*, Quinoa*, Chia*), Natural Sea Mineral Complex (74+ TraceMinerals), Sprouted & Fermented Pea Protein, Energy Support Herbal Blend (Siberian Ginseng, Yerba Mate Leaf Extract, Elderberry Fruit Extract, Mushroom Powder*, Ginkgo, Gotu Kola), Natural Berry Flavour, Natural Apple Flavour, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Stevia Leaf Extract.*Certified Organic. Contains traces of gluten.