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Dandelion Root Tea

What is dandelion root tea?

Despite its rather tardy image the humble dandelion weed has many nutritional benefits  The entire plant can be used for medicinal purposes - even the root of the plant itself.  When used for medicinal purposes the root can be either dried or used fresh to make dandelion root tea, infuses and poultices The dandelion root was traditionally used in Chinese and Indian medicine to treat various ailments including stomach and liver complaints.

There are many recipes for dandelion root tea available, however, it is important to recognise that many dandelions may have been treated with various herbicides and other nasty chemicals. and as such could be contaminated. It is safer to rely upon organic dandelion root tea that has been made from organically grown dandelions.

Benefits of using dandelion root tea

Science backed benefits of using the tea include

  • As it acts as a diuretic, dandelion tea can help to reduce water weight. - this is helpful if you’re feeling bloated.

  • Traditional medicine proponents have long recommended it as promoting liver health - this has now been backed by studies that show liver health to be improved, possibly due to an increased flow of bile.

  • Helps to improve digestion. The dandelion root contains gut friendly fibre that may cause the tea to reduce bloating,and  gas.

  • Has been demonstrated to have anti diabetic properties.

  • Has anti inflammatory and antioxidant properties

  • May help to reduce obesity

  • May act as a coffee substitute

Where to buy dandelion root tea Australia can trust

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