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Organic Wheat Grain Hard 20kg BULK

Was: $65.00
Now: $60.00
RHF - BDM - 18129

Meet the real Aussie heavyweight in the world of grains — our Organic Wheat Grain Hard, grown right here in Victoria and certified Demeter Biodynamic to boot. With protein levels soaring above 12%, this 20kg bulk pack is a genuine treasure trove of nutrition.

Features: Sourced from Victoria's fertile lands and coming at you with a Demeter Biodynamic certification (DA), this bulk pack is made for those who take their grains seriously.

Benefits: This isn't just any grain; it's a nutrient powerhouse that retains its wholesome goodness for the long haul. Ideal for home milling and sprouting, you can bet your bottom dollar you're getting a top-notch source of protein and other essential nutrients.

Ingredients: 100% Australian-Grown, Demeter Biodynamic-Certified Hard Wheat Grain

Whether you're looking to stock up for the long term or need enough grain to feed a small army, this 20kg bulk pack has got you covered. Elevate your meal prep and make a sustainable choice with our Organic Wheat Grain Hard today.  If you are looking to buy wheat berries then look no further than right here.


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