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Natural Lip Balm

Why use a natural lip balm?

All natural lip balm has all the benefits of everyday lip balm plus the added bonus of being made from natural ingredients.  Organic natural lip balm is made from ingredients that are certifiably organic and have no trace of harmful chemicals, synthetics or pesticides. As natural lip balms are made from fewer ingredients than other lip balms, you can be more certain of exactly what you are applying to your lips when using it.

Key Benefits of Using Natural Lip Balm

Besides performing the vital functions of soothing dry and chapped skin and protecting the mouth and lips more than adequately, there are sound logical reasons why you should choose a natural lip balm over the more traditionally made products. These are:

  • Organic lip balms contain many ingredients that provide health benefits. All natural balms often contain vitamins and antioxidants that will be absorbed into the skin and provide nourishment to your lips.

  • Chemical free lip care. Instead of using petrochemicals and other synthetic nasties, natural lip balms are made from such ingredients as beeswax, coconut and peppermint  as well as containing vitamins C and E. There really is no comparison.

  •  Whereas many traditionally made lip balms may contain ingredients derived from animals or tested on animals, natural lip balm products are not. This cruelty free aspect makes them a better choice for those of us who are concerned about these things.

  • As natural lip balms are made from natural products they are more eco friendly than those traditionally made from synthetics and chemicals.

Where to buy natural lip balm Australia can rely on

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