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Panty Liners

Panty Liners

Panty Liners

Feel fresh and clean with panty liners. Many women experience some discharge throughout the day even when not on their periods. This is often due to slight stress incontinence where a weakened urethra can leak when experiencing strain. Many women also find that panty liners are a better option to menstrual pads during the lighter days of their periods. This is because they are thinner than most pads and considered much more comfortable.

What are panty liners

So what are panty liners exactly? Panty liners are more comfortable options than menstrual pads that are often the desired choice of women looking for a cleaner, fresher feel during lighter period days and throughout the month to soak up small leakages. They can be used in combination with a tampon to ensure that any leakages that seep past the first layer of protection do not reach a woman’s underwear.

Reasons to consider wearing a panty liner daily

There are several reasons why women choose to wear a panty liner every day. These reasons are:

It ensures you stay dry and fresh – Wet underwear can be a highly uncomfortable feeling for women due to normal vaginal discharge. Panty liners can ensure that your underwear remains dry.

It can save the day when your period arrives without warning – Having panty liners with you in your purse or handbag can be a lifesaver on days when your period arrives without notice.

It is ideal in the early or late stages of your period – For those days during the period where a menstrual pad feels a little excessive, a panty liner is perfect because you will not feel as uncomfortable as you would feel with a pad.

It is ideal for the active female – When engaging in exercise and on the move, there are moments where you are likely to lose bladder control. Panty liners are perfect in these situations.

Panty liners Australia

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