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Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene

Feminine Hygiene products

While an essential part of women’s health and fertility, many young women are unaware of the best feminine hygiene products available to make their lives more comfortable. There are a range of products out there to help women during menstruation and when experiencing other issues relating to their vaginal region.

What are the main types of feminine hygiene products

There are many types of feminine hygiene products that are available for women who are going through menstruation and experiencing other vaginal issues. The most popular types are:

Menstrual Cups – These personal hygiene products are small, delicate cups that can be inserted into the vagina, just below the cervix. They work by collecting menstrual blood that is exiting the vagina thus preventing leakage into an individual’s undergarments. They come in two shapes; diaphragm shaped and bell-shaped.

Menstrual Pads – Menstrual pads are feminine hygiene products that are made of thin material and placed into the underwear to absorb menstrual blood following its exit from the vagina.

Panty Liners – Much like menstrual pads, panty liners are placed into the underwear to absorb blood after it exits the body. The major difference between panty liners and standard pads are that panty liners are made of softer, thinner material and considered more comfortable. This makes them ideal for use during the earlier and later stages of menstruation when the amount of blood exiting the vagina is minimal.

Incontinence Pads – For women who are experiencing urinary leakage, incontinence pads are a wonderful feminine hygiene product that are inserted into the underwear to soak up leakages leaving the person feeling fresher and more comfortable.

Tampons – A tampon is another method for dealing with your period. It involves the insertion of a soft cotton, cylinder-like shaped object into the opening of the vagina to stem the flow of menstrual blood.

Feminine Hygiene products Australia

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