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Tahini Unhulled 385g Mayvers

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KAD - 2451

MAYVERS Tahini Unhulled 385g Buy Online

Mayvers is a company committed to providing the healthiest, organic nut spread alternative to those found through supermarkets across the country. By focusing on providing the marketplace with a product that is healthier than butter and margarine, the big winners are the people of Australia! Containing low G.I and cholesterol free but high in both protein and fibre, Mayvers products are absent of many nasties yet contain the healthy fats that are essential to a well-rounded diet.

Possessing a stronger flavour than the hulled version, Tahini Unhulled 385g comes in a 385g jar that can be easily sealed to maximise freshness and longevity. With a flavour that is nutty yet mild, this product is easily spread onto your morning toast, or lunchtime sandwich. The versatility of this product coupled with its immense nutritional benefit make it a wonderful inclusion in your everyday diet.

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Stone ground sesame seeds.