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Amenas Sea Minerals Ultra Boost 250ml


Amenas Sea Minerals Ultra Boost 250ml


Amenas offers you this healthy ultra-boost that contains 75% daily boost and 25% useful herbs to support your health. This ultra-boost formula is formed in antioxidants, macro, and minimum minerals and holds smart for the immune system. The drink is made in nettle, and nasturtium, that is speculated to work for skin allergies, hardening cancer and stimulating metabolic functions.



  • Serves as the best immune-system tonic.
  • Good spirit drink for athletes.
  • Antioxidant rich and helps in building immunity.

Suggested Usage

Adults: 5ml per day diluted in water and taken with food, preferably at night.

Children over 5: 1-5 drops per day, diluted in liquid and taken after food.

Product Attributes

  • Rich in nasturtium, which stimulates respiratory functions.
  • Made safe and free from any artificial agents.
  • Made from stinging nettle, which aids skin ailments.


Ultra Boost contains Sea Minerals; Sheep Sorrel – Rumex Acetosella; Nasturtium – Tropaeolum; Paw Paw – Carica Papaya; 5 Spice Herb – Plectranthus Amboinicus; and a VERY minute amount of wheat bran extract – Triticum Extract.