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Aromamatic Wax Melt Electric Warmer White Textured (2inOne)


Aromamatic Wax Melt Electric Warmer White Textured (2inOne)

PRODUCT Description

The safe running temperature of this aromatic wax warmer from Aromamatic allows your wax melts to gently diffuse into a liquid, unveiling its pleasant scent and avoids the risk of scorching your melts. Soothe your mind with this refreshing wax warmer, which melts your wax instantly.


  • Regulated temperature keeps room warm.
  • Compatible with any environment.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Eliminates naked flames

Suggested Usage

  • Connect the warmer to an electric outlet.
  • Add your favourite melt to the bowl.
  • Wait for the melt to dissolve.
  • Replace new melt after the added melt cools and hardens.

   Product Attributes

  • Rich in aroma.
  • Keeps the room scented always.
  •  Preserves the melts.

Operates with minimum supervision.