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Cake Flour

What is Cake Flour Australia Style?

Cake powder is a finely ground bleached powder made from wheat. It has a lower protein profile than traditional wheat flour and a lower gluten content. The flour is very popular in America but not so easily obtainable in Australia. There are no raising agents in cake flour and most recipes calling for cake flour will also have a raising agent.  It is particularly useful for light airy cakes such as angel cake. Cake flour is not readily available in Australian supermarkets as bleached flour is banned for health reasons but unbleached varieties  such as Kialla can be purchased online from a store like Buy Organics Online.

If a recipe specifically calls for cake flour and you are unable to quickly source some, you can mimic cake flour in a recipe you can use a mixture of common plain flour and corn flour (sometimes called corn starch). As a broad rule of thumb you could substitute 20 grams of corn flour for 20 grams of plain flour in every 125 grams of flour in the original recipe.

Is there a difference between cake and pastry flour in Australia

Pastry flour and cake flour are not the same thing. Pastry flour falls somewhere in between common plain flour and cake flour in terms of protein content and texture. Pastry flour can usually be substituted on a 1:1 basis for either type. 

Both pastry flour and the unbleached varieties of cake flour are better options than plain flour when looking to make sponges, angel cakes or other cakes with a high sugar content.

Where to buy cake flour in Australia.

Strictly speaking it is very difficult to purchase the bleached variety of cake flour in Australia as bleached flours are banned. You can however choose from a range of unbleached cake flours available through the Buy Organics Online website. If you’re looking to add that extra touch of fluffiness and lightness to your sponges and cakes choose from our range of fine baking flours today.

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