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Cheeki Stainless Steel Bottle Insulated - Matte Black 1L

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Stainless Steel Bottle Insulated - Matte Black 1L | Cheeki


As a proudly Australian-owned company that operates with a strong environmental conscience, Cheeki Australia is highly respected as the leading brand of reusable products. Their extensive range of products include reusable jugs, bottles, containers, flasks and eco-friendly bags. Their goal is to ensure that reusable products are used more frequently by consumers so that excessive plastic waste in the shape of bottles and containers is greatly reduced.

Cheeki’s 1L Insulated Water Bottles and Stainless Steel Bottles are the perfect companion when undertaking an activity like camping or hiking that often happens where refillable water is in hard supply. Painted Matte Black, using non-toxic paint, this bottle will fit comfortably into any backpack, hiking pack or handbag and 100% leak proof will ensure that there will be no water damage when stored. Perfect when used as a thermos. Possessing vacuum insulation that ensures water remains cold for 36 hours, this product can also be used to store hot beverages.


  • Leak proof silicon shield lid
  • Perfect carry along bottle
  • Double walled bottle
  • Vacuum insulated bottle
  • Drinks do not touch plastic at all
  • Healthy sustainable alternative to the disposable plastic bottles
  • Reusable water bottles 
  • No toxic materials used in making

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