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Kialla Pure Foods Organic Buckwheat Flour 5kg


Kialla Organic Buckwheat Flour 5kg

A healthy ancient grain flour that gives extra nutrition and flavour to your baked goods. This is a non-gluten flour produced by milling the whole buckwheat grain, sieving off some of the dark outer husk then milling both the inner kernel (groat) and remaining husk. The flour is a creamy-grey with fine, dark specks from the husks.

A non-gluten flour that gives extra nutrition and flavour to your favourite dishes.

Dehulled buckwheat is milled into a wholegrain flour with an excellent nutrition profile. Its distinctive flavour works best when mixed with other flours and it's increasingly used in a variety of baked goods including biscuits and cakes.


100% Organic Buckwheat Kernels

Allergen Statement:

Contains buckwheat. May be present: Gluten

Country of Origin:

Made in Australia from imported ingredients with Buckwheat kernels from China