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Organic tampons

Organic tampons

What Is Organic Tampons?

Organic tampons are made up of all natural material without the use of any chemical on it, most of the women have a period every month and a study found that 70 percent of American women use tampons to manage their period.

An average woman will use between 11000 to 16000 tampons in her lifetime and that is something you should be definitely concerned about, while you concentrate on eating organic food but you can't ignore that fact that you are putting something chemically altered into your body. Organic tampons are the way to healthy living.

Organic Tampons Benefits:

Organic tampons offer many benefits in comparison to conventional tampons that contain many potentially harmful substances like pesticides, bleaches, etc.

Advocates have suggested that Organic tampons can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • Chlorine: while conventional tampons are treated with chlorine to get that clean white color. No bleaching is done in the production of Organic tampons.

  • Dioxin: Chlorine turns into Dioxins, it if one of the most deadly compound. FDA reports have confirmed that dioxin is found in most of the feminine care products. Organic tampons can help you prevent the entry of Dioxin in your body.

  • Biodegradable: Organic tampons are biodegradable, all the material used in the Organic tampons is produced by nature and it is easily absorbed in nature as well.

  • Reduced risk of fibers being left behind: when you use conventional tampons you are already exposing your body to harmful chemicals and there is always a risk of some residue to left behind. Most of the Organic tampons are build with special weiving that helps in reducing chances of being left behind.

  • Fewer hormonal changes: because of the involvement of toxins in our daily life many people experience hormonal imbalance. Organic tampons are found to be beneficial in lowering down the rate of hormonal imbalance.

Where To Buy Organic Tampons ​Australia  

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