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What are Organic Tampons?

If you are concerned about the cumulative  toxic effects of regular tampons then switching to organic tampons will ease your mind.   Organic tampons are manufactured from wholly organic material such as organic cotton and are not exposed to potentially hazardous materials used during the manufacturing process for regular tampons.  Organic cotton has been grown naturally without the use of harmful pesticides or chemicals - making it a safer and environmentally cleaner choice.

The Benefits of Using Natural Tampons Australia

You have the right to know exactly what is in all the products that you use and that your body comes into contact with    Over a woman's lifetime it is estimated that she will use 11000 tampons. The cumulative risk associated with this constant exposure to materials that could be harmful to you can be easily removed by using quality organic soft tampons Australia.  

Using organic feminine products will reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals such as chlorine, dioxins, glyphosate, polyethylene, polypropylene and rayon. Consistent exposure to these chemicals could result in what is known as toxic shock syndrome (TSS). This is a serious illness that can cause fever, vomiting, diarrhoea, rashes, headache, confusion and even seizures.   The risk of toxic shock syndrome can be significantly mitigated by using organic tampons.

As an added benefit, you can be assured that  organic products a 100% biodegradable and hypoallergenic. Get all your natural tampons Australia products right here, at Buy Organics Online.  

Where to Buy Organic Tampons Australia

At Buy Organics Online you can choose from a wide selection of feminine hygiene products that have been selected by us with care after consulting with the leading suppliers of organic tampons Australia. Natural organic tampons are a wise choice for any woman concerned about looking after her body and her health.

Buy quality organic tampons from Organics Online today and start to experience the healthy  confidence that using natural tampons can deliver.

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